Christian Weiss


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Christian Weiss

Christian Weiss graduated in Computational Linguistics, Computer Science and Sociology (M.A.) at University of Heidelberg/Germany, in 2002 and IKP, University of Bonn Germany (PhD) in 2006. His PhD thesis was on "Adaptive Audio-Visual Synthesis" covering statistical learning for video-realistic audio visual synthesis. He was working in a German research Foundation granted project on automatic training strategies for unit-selection based speech synthesis. Previous he worked for IBM European Speech Research and was a DAAD/JSPS Fellow at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan Nitech. His research interests are in speech synthesis, audio-visual synthesis and statistical learning.

He is a member of GI and ISCA.


International Conferences


  • Christian Weiss, Luís C. Oliveira, Sérgio Paulo, Carlos Miguel Duarte Mendes, Luís António Dias Mestre Figueira, Marco Vala, Pedro Sequeira, Ana Paiva, Thurid Vogt, Elisabeth Andre, ECIRCUS: Building Voices for Autonomous Speaking Agents, In 6th Speech Synthesis Workshop, ISCA, Bonn, August 2007


  • Christian Weiss, Wolfgang Hess, Conditional Random Fields for Hierarchical Segment Selection in TTS, In ICSLP 2006, series 9, Pittsburgh, USA, September 2006
  • Christian Weiss, Wolfgang Hess, CRF's for Acoustic Segement-Selection: A Case Study, In Advances in Speech Technology, series 13, Maribor, Slovenia, July 2006

National Conferences


  • Christian Weiss, Maria Joao Barros, Maximum Entropy motivated Grapheme-to-Phoneme, Stress and Syllable Boundary Prediction for Portuguese Text-to-Speech, In Technologia del Hablas, series 5, Zaragosa, Spain, November 2006