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Hugo Meinedo

Hugo Meinedo received the Licenciado and Mestre degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, in 1996 and 2000 respectively. Currently he is finishing the PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the same University. The PhD thesis will be finished during 2008 and focus on audio pre-processing and speech recognition for broadcast news. He joined the Neural Networks and Signal Processing group of INESC in 1997 and since 2001 he is a researcher in the Spoken Language Systems Lab (L2F) of INESC-ID. His current research interests span from neural networks, audio processing and speech recognition algorithms.


Book Chapters


International Journals



International Conferences


  • Alberto Abad, José Matos, Hugo Meinedo, Ramon Fernandez Astudillo, Isabel Trancoso, The L2F system for the EVALITA-2014 speech activity detection challenge in domestic environments, In International Workshop EVALITA 2014, Pisa, Italy, December 2014
  • Annika Hamalainen, Hugo Meinedo, Michael Tjalve, Thomas Pellegrini, Isabel Trancoso, Miguel Sales Dias, Improving Speech Recognition through Automatic Selection of Age Group –Specific Acoustic Models, In 11th International Conference on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, PROPOR 2014, Springer, series Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-09761-9_2, São Carlos, SP, Brazil, October 2014
  • Vera Cabarrão, Helena Moniz, Fernando Batista, Ricardo Ribeiro, Nuno J. Mamede, Hugo Meinedo, Isabel Trancoso, Ana Isabel Mata, David Martins de Matos, Revising the Annotation of a Broadcast News Corpus: a Linguistic Approach, In Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14), European Language Resources Association (ELRA), pages 3908-3913, Reykjavik, Iceland, May 2014


  • Marco Bertini, Alberto Del Bimbo, George Ioannidis, Emile Bijk, Isabel Trancoso, Hugo Meinedo, EUTV: A system for media monitoring and publishing, In 21st ACM international conference on Multimedia, doi: 10.1145/2502081.2502265, Barcelona, Spain, October 2013
  • Pedro Fialho, Luísa Coheur, Sérgio dos Santos Lopes Curto, Pedro Miguel Abrunhosa Cláúdio, Angela Costa, Alberto Abad, Hugo Meinedo, Isabel Trancoso, MEET EDGAR, A TUTORING AGENT AT MONSERRATE, In ACL, series Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association f, Sofia, Bulgaria, August 2013



  • José Lopes, Isabel Trancoso, Rui Correia, Thomas Pellegrini, Hugo Meinedo, Nuno J. Mamede, Maxine Eskenazi, Multimedia Learning Materials, In IEEE Spoken Language Technology Workshop, IEEE, Berkeley, USA, December 2010


  • Isabel Trancoso, Thomas Pellegrini, José Portêlo, Hugo Meinedo, Miguel Bugalho, Alberto Abad, João Paulo da Silva Neto, Audio contributions to semantic video search, In 2009 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2009), IEEE, New York, USA, June 2009


  • João Paulo da Silva Neto, Hugo Meinedo, Márcio Viveiros, Renato Márcio de França Cassaca, Ciro Alexandre Domingues Martins, Diamantino António Caseiro, Broadcast News Subtitling System in Portuguese, In ICASSP 2008 - Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE, Las Vegas, USA, April 2008




  • Isabel Trancoso, João Paulo da Silva Neto, Hugo Meinedo, Rui Pedro Batoreo Amaral, Diamantino António Caseiro, An Acoustic Driven Media Watch System, In Acustica'2004 - Acoustics European Symposium, Guimarães, Portugal, September 2004
  • A. Vandecatseye, J. Martens, João Paulo da Silva Neto, Hugo Meinedo, C. Mateo, J. Dieguez, F. Mihelic, J. Zibert, J. Nouza, P. David, M. Pleva, A. Cizmar, H. Papageorgiou, C. Alexandris, The COST278 pan-European Broadcast News Database, In LREC 04, Lisboa, Portugal, April 2004



  • António Joaquim Serralheiro, Diamantino António Caseiro, Hugo Meinedo, Isabel Trancoso, João Paulo da Silva Neto, Spoken Book Alignment Using WFSTS, In HLT 2002, Human Language Technology Conference, San Diego, California, March 2002



National Conferences



  • António Joaquim Serralheiro, Hugo Meinedo, Diamantino António Caseiro, Isabel Trancoso, Alinhamento de Livros Falados, In XVII Encontro Nacional da Associação Portuguesa de Linguística, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, October 2001


Doctoral Theses


Masters Theses


  • Hugo Meinedo, Utilização de Informação Silábica no Reconhecimento de fala contínua, MSc thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal, November 2000

Other Publications


  • João Paulo da Silva Neto, Hugo Meinedo, Isabel Trancoso, Fórum 2003 (Competitividade, Inovação e Qualificação: Estratégias, Políticas e Desafios), AIP, October 2003

MSc theses


  • Vozes de Celebridades, Paulo Eduardo dos Santos Veloso Braga. Instituto Superior Técnico (2010-2011). Isabel Trancoso, advisor. Hugo Meinedo, co-advisor.

Research Interests

  • Spoken Language Systems: Acoustic modeling in Continuous Speech Recognition
  • Neural Networks

Ongoing Projects

  • TECNOVOZ - ... Communicate with machines through speech
  • VIDIVIDEO - Interactive semantic video search with a large thesaurus of machine-learned audio-visual concepts