Ricardo Daniel Santos Faro Marques Ribeiro

Recent Work
Veiga Simão, A. M., Costa Ferreira, P., Pereira, N., Oliveira, S., Paulino, P., Rosa, H., Ribeiro, R., Coheur, L., Carvalho, J. P., Trancoso, I. Prosociality in Cyberspace: Developing Emotion and Behavioral Regulation to Decrease Aggressive Communication. Cognitive Computation 13, 3 (2021) 736—750.
Ribeiro, E., Teixeira, A. S., Ribeiro, R., and Martins de Matos, D. Semantic frame induction through the detection of communities of verbs and their arguments. Applied Network Science 5 (2020), 69:1—69:32. PDF
Boné, J., Dias, M., Ferreira, J., and Ribeiro, R. DisKnow: A Social-Driven Disaster Support Knowledge Extraction System. Applied Sciences 10, 17 (2020), 6083:1—6083:15.
Ribeiro, E., Ribeiro, R. and Martins de Matos, D. Deep Dialog Act Recognition using Multiple Token, Segment, and Context Information Representations. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 66 (2019), 861—899. PDF
Raposo, F., Martins de Matos, D. and Ribeiro, R. An information-theoretic approach to machine-oriented music summarization. Pattern Recognition Letters 123 (2019), 75—81.
Rosa, H., Pereira, N., Ribeiro, R., Costa Ferreira, P., Carvalho, J. P., Oliveira, S., Coheur, L., Paulino, P., Veiga Simão, A. M., and Trancoso, I. Automatic cyberbullying detection: a systematic review. Computers in Human Behavior 93 (2019), 333—345.


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Associate Professor at the Department of Information Sciences and Technologies (DCTI) of the Iscte School of Technology and Architecture (ISTA), Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, since October 2020.

Learning Programming
Intelligent App Distribution towards an Optimised App Discovery


Researcher (Human Language Technologies) at INESC-ID Lisboa since its creation in January 2000. Main research interests:

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INESC-ID Lisboa, Rua Alves Redol, 9, 1000-029 LISBOA, Portugal
Phone: +351 213100262
E-mail: ricardo.ribeiro@inesc-id.pt


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