FalaComigo (Enhance the Cultural Tourism through the Interaction with Virtual Characters)


Funded by: IAPMEI
Start date: 01 Oct 2010
Duration: 30 months


  • NewVision,
  • NearInteraction
  • Tziranda
  • IHA
  • INOV
  • Parques de Sintra


FalaComigo aims to develop a solution to "Enhance the Cultural Tourism through the Interaction with Virtual Characters", by providing a set of applications, that will be settled in various places of touristic interest. The goal of FalaComigo is, therefore, to develop a solution that helps tourists to take a different view of the monument or place of cultural interest that they are visiting, allowing them to interact with a set of virtual characters through questions and answers, specific for each location. Through these solutions, FalaComigo team will provide new and compelling ways of interacting with visitors, supplying a remarkable sensory experience. On the basis of development of these solutions we find a spoken dialogue system with speech recognition and synthesis, 3D facial animation, spoken dialogue management systems and question/answer technologies.