Narrative Here, Narrative There... Narrative is everywhere!



  • May 16, 2000


  • Isabel Machado
  • Ana Paiva


The concept of narrative is presented to pupils at an early stage of their development through stories, fairy tales, films, television, or through their understanding of life experiences.

The role of narrative is not simply aesthetic, but it is central to our cognition from earliest childhood. Psychologists suggest that stories can be very important in human cognition, because they can register each person's own experiences can also be the vehicle to exchange experience to others.

Furthermore, teachers make use of narrative structures during their learning sessions in order to engage learners in a more motivational way. The learners, themselves, also use narrative structures to exchange and communicate their own experiences with each other (usually when telling the other about some situation that happened).

In this presentation we will give a brief overview of the different usages of narrative and afterwards we will particularise for the case of Teatrix and its narrative guidance system.