Opportunities (Special Call 2006)


Research positions (PhDs, Postdocs) in spoken language processing at L²F, INESC ID, Lisbon Portugal.

The Spoken Language Systems Lab (L²F) of INESC ID currently has several open positions for PhD students and postdocs in spoken language processing, covering the following topics:

  • audio events detection
  • voice morphing
  • spontaneous speech recognition
  • recognition of different varieties of Portuguese
  • use of grid computing for NLP

Most of these research activities take place in the framework of national projects (e.g. Rich Transcription of Lectures for E-Learning Applications, Natural Language Engineering on a Computational Grid) and/or European projects (Education through Characters with Emotional Intelligence and Role-playing Capabilities that Understand Social Interaction, "Audiovisual Search Engines") or bilateral cooperation programs.

Applicants are expected to have several years experience in the above areas, with good and practical knowledge of C/C++/Java.

Interested candidates should send a letter of motivation until October 1st, along with their detailed CV and names of 3 references to info@l2f.inesc-id.pt

For more information, please contact Isabel Trancoso at the same address or visit the website www.l2f.inesc-id.pt.

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