REAP.PT (seminar)


Luís Marujo


  • 15:30, Friday, February 06th, 2009
  • Room 336



The presentation is about the development of REAP.PT - the Portuguese version of a tutoring system developed at LTI/CMU to support the teaching of a language for either native or foreign speakers, through the activity of reading and focusing the students in learning vocabulary in context. The presentation will start with the motivation for choosing this topic and the specific goals of REAP.PT, which go beyond the porting to a new language. It also includes the description of the state of art in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). Given the emphasis of this thesis on readability, this description includes a review of the most popular readability measures. The presentation also includes a brief overview of the architecture of REAP.PT and of the methodologies that may be used to evaluate it.