RiCoBA - Rich Content Books for All


Sponsored by: FCT (POSC/---/61042/2004)
Start: March 2005
Duration: 2 years


Project Leader: Nuno Guimarães (FC/UL)

  • Luís Carriço (FC/UL)
  • Teresa Chambel (FC/UL)
  • Carlos Teixeira (FC/UL)
  • Thibault Langlois (FC/UL)
  • Carlos Duarte (FC/UL)
  • Joana Pereira (FC/UL)
  • António Serralheiro (L²F)
  • José Luís Borbinha (BN)
  • João Gil (BN)

This project is done in cooperation with HCIMG (Human Computer Interaction Multimedia Group), led by Prof. Nuno Guimarães.


The project aims at making books more accessible and appealing to different audiences. The goals are supporting rich Digital Talking Book (DTB) generation, through the development of a production framework to assist in the building and enriching of the books, and rich DTB playback, by developing tools for non-visual platforms, and tools that adapt the book presentation and interaction, reacting to changes in the user, playback devices, and environment.

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