ARIA - Ambient-assisted Reading Interfaces for the Ageing-society


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The ARIA project aims at defining a framework for assisted reading, particularly targeted for elderly communities. It envisages a broad and active perspective of reading, where annotation and group communication tasks complement and build upon the main reading activity, taking advantage of a digital proactive medium. It addresses elderly individuals through the adoption of an assisted and adaptive stance that adapts document content, navigation, presentation, and interaction. The project contributions will be: A model of cognitive, perceptual and emotional profiles, their evolutions and status, gathered through sensors, cameras or microphones, relevant for the reading activities and for individual and groups of the elder communities; The identification of unimodal and multimodal interaction patterns adequate to the profiles and status; The identification of gatherable physiologic cues indicative of evolutions in the cognitive, perceptual and emotional status; A framework integrating all the dimensions and able to adapt multimodal presentation and interaction to individuals and groups.