Call for Papers: Speech Communication Journal - Special Issue on Iberian Languages


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SpeechCommunication.png Call for Papers
Speech Communication Journal
Special Issue on Iberian Languages

Iberian languages (henceforth IL) are amongst the most widely spoken languages in the world. Nowadays, 628 million people on virtually all continents have Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician, etc. as their official language. Consequently, important speech research centers and companies, both public and private, are focusing their interest on those languages. This effort has resulted in novel and generic approaches applicable to any language, as well as in the optimization of existing techniques or systems. It is worth highlighting that the community working on speech science and technology in IL speaking countries has already reached world-class level in many areas and has continuously increased in size in the last 15 years.

Speech technology proposed in the context of a non-Iberian language (e.g., English) may not be directly applicable to IL. All linguistic and paralinguistic dimensions, from phonetics to pragmatics, are amongst the features that certainly distinguish IL from others considered in speech science and technology research. As a result, original work and optimization of existing techniques and systems may be necessary in many areas of Iberian spoken language research.

The purpose of this Special Issue is to present recent progress and significant advances in all areas of speech science and technology research in the context of IL. Submitted papers must address topics specific to IL and/or issues raised by analyses of spoken data that shed light on speech science and linguistic theories regarding these languages. Research which deals with IL data, but makes use of standard techniques should not be submitted for this Special Issue. However, both research presenting relevant optimization of current technology and systems, and work exploring specific features of IL spoken corpora will be considered for submission.

This Special Issue is one of the first initiatives proposed by the recently created SIG-IL (ISCA Special Interest Group on Iberian Languages, URL The purposes of the SIG-IL are to promote research activities on IL, to sponsor and/or organise meetings, workshops and other events on related topics, and to make speech corpora publicly available by promoting joint evaluation efforts. Furthermore, the SIG-IL is also strongly committed to encouraging world-class research within its community in order to contribute with new ideas to the field of speech science and technology.

Original, previously unpublished submissions for the following areas, involving IL and detailing the language-specific aspects, are encouraged:

  • Linguistics, Phonology and Phonetics
  • Prosody
  • Paralinguistic & Nonlinguistic Information in Speech
  • Discourse & Dialogue
  • Speech Production
  • Speech Perception
  • Physiology & Pathology
  • Spoken Language Acquisition, Development and Learning
  • Spoken Language Generation & Synthesis
  • Language/Dialect Identification
  • Speech and Speaker Recognition: acoustic, language and pronunciation modeling.
  • Spoken Language Understanding
  • Multi-modal / Multi-lingual Processing
  • Spoken Language Extraction/Retrieval
  • Spoken Language Translation
  • Spoken/Multi-modal Dialogue Systems
  • Spoken Language Resources and Annotation
  • Evaluation and Standardization
  • Spoken Language Technology for the Aged and Disabled (e-inclusion)
  • Spoken Language Technology for Education (e-learning)
  • Interdisciplinary Topics in Speech and Language
  • New Applications

Guest Editors

Isabel Trancoso INESC-ID, Portugal
Nestor Becerra-Yoma Univ. de Chile, Chile
Plinio A. Barbosa Univ. of Campinas, Brazil
Rubén San-Segundo UPM, Spain
Kuldip Plaiwal Griffith University, Australia

Important Dates

Submission deadline: May 31st, 2007
Notification of acceptance: October 31st, 2007
Final manuscript due: December 30th, 2007
Tentative publication date: March, 2008

Submission Procedure

Prospective authors should follow the regular guidelines of the Speech Communication Journal for electronic submission ( During submission authors must select the Section “Special Issue Paper”, not “Regular Paper”, and the title of the special issue should be referenced in the “Comments” (Special Issue on Iberian Languages) page along with any other information.