IPSOM Pilot Corpus


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In order to test the software developed in IPSOM, we have built a pilot corpus consisting of different types of aligned books:

  • Fiction:
    • O Senhor Ventura, by Miguel Torga, read by Isabel Bahia
  • Poetry:
    • Um Momento de Palavras, David Mourão Ferreira, read by himself
    • Manifesto Anti-Dantas, Almada Negreiros, read by Mário Viegas
    • Fado Falado, Aníbal Nazaré, read by João Villaret
  • Children's stories:
    • O Monge Desastrado, included in Histórias de Belém, Ana Maria Magalhães e Isabel Alçada, read by Jorge Moreira and Juva Batella (European and Brazilian Portuguese, respectively)
  • School books:
    • Chapter of a History book (2nd cycle), read by Jorge Moreira and Ana Bernardino