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Research Staff Positions

INESC ID is one of the largest and most dynamic research institutes in Portugal in the areas of telecommunications, information systems and electronics. Having recently been awarded the status of associated laboratory by the Portuguese government, INESC ID seeks highly qualified candidates holding a PhD with a proven track record and ability to perform independent research.

In the Spoken Language Systems area, we are accepting applications for researchers in the following lines:

  1. Spoken and multimodal dialog systems
  2. Speech-to-speech translation
  3. Semantic processing of multimedia content

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students (TFCs)

The TFC distribution has been published by IST. This is the full list proposed by L²F members:

Opportunities for Postgraduate Students (PhDs)

(to be provided)

Do You Want to Work with Us?

(please send us your CV)

Open Calls

(currently none)

Other Information