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Thinking about Joining Us?

INESC-ID is one of the largest and most dynamic research institutes in Portugal in the areas of telecommunications, information systems and electronics with the status of associated laboratory given by the Portuguese government. The HLT lab provides an interdisciplinary and creative work environment active in multiple areas of speech and language research. These include (without limitation):

  • speech recognition, synthesis, enhancement and understanding, speech to speech translation
  • speaker, language and accent identification, computational paralinguistics
  • music genre classification, audio finger-printing and retrieval, multi-document summarization of multimedia (audio + video + text)
  • machine translation, summarization, sentiment analysis
  • natural language generation, syntactic and semantic processing, named entity retrieval
  • multimodal dialogue systems, question answering, etc.

Have a look at our projects and demos.

We have our own powerful IT infrastructure, allowing state-of-the-art research:

  • Robust and fast shared filesystems for storage and processing of very large data-sets
  • A computer cluster featuring parallel computing utilities
  • High performance computing units with GPUs
  • Other convenient services, among which: VPN, SSH, and private source control repositories.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that Lisbon offers a high quality of life while being one of the least expensive capitals in Europe. Check it yourself here.

Have a look at the opportunities below. If there aren't any at the time, feel also free to send us an email to find out about potential openings or partnerships.

Ph.D. Program CMU-Portugal

Opportunities for Students

Every semester, new MSc thesis topics are available. If you have an idea, contact us: you may find a host here.

Prospective PhD students are also encouraged to contact us.

Other Information