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The Spoken Language Systems Lab organizes seminars by both its researchers and invited speakers. Seminars take place Friday at 15:30.

Next Seminar

20060407 Cristina Mota
20060414 No seminar: holidays
20060421 João Cabral and João Graça: rehearsal for MSc theses defense
20060428 No seminar: João Cabral's MSc thesis presentation
20060505 CVS and software development
20060512 Propor 2006: presentations rehearsal
20060519 L2F web page (internal seminar)
20060526 GRIDS

Seminars 2006

These are the seminars that took place in the current year. For older seminars, see below.

20060217 L²F Day 2006: Friday, February 17, 2006 is dedicated to a day-long workshop open exclusively for L²F members.

Older Seminars

These seminars are group by year: years before 2000 correspond to documented seminars predating L²F, as is the case with the BICA seminars.