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Funded by PRIME (3.1a) Project Number 03/165
Start: July 2006
Duration: 2 years



INESC-ID – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores – Investigação e Desenvolvimento
INESC INOVAÇÃO - Instituto de Novas Tecnologias
Instituto de Telecomunicações – Pólo de Coimbra
Universidade do Minho


CPCHS – Companhia Portuguesa de Computadores – Healthcare Solutions, S.A.
Anditec – Tecnologias de Reabilitação, Lda.
Datelka – Engenharia e Sistemas, Lda.
EDISOFT – Empresa de Serviços e Desenvolvimento de Software, SA
Priberam Informática, S.A.
Promosoft SIS – Software de Sistemas, S.A.
Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, S.A.
Tecmic – Tecnologias de Microelectrónica, S.A.

Entidades Consultoras

MultiSector Norte - Consultores em Estratégia, Tecnologia e Gestão Industrial, Lda.


The Tecnovoz consortium was built with the goal of creating a national technological centre capable of industrialising innovative systems based on speech technologies, at the same rhythm, and at equal technological level, that occurs in others countries. Simultaneously, it is intended that Portugal affirms itself as a real actor in the development of voice and speech technologies and a defender of its application to the Portuguese Language.


The voice and speech technologies are still in an ascending curve of its development and there are few applications for European Portuguese. However the market is attractive and the evolution process of these technologies is promising. In the scope of this project a set of technology modules (9) are created to be used in diverse demonstrators (13) from the companies in the project. The total budget of Tecnovoz is 6.36 M€ with a partition of 47% for the research institutes and 53% to the companies. Tecnovoz will create and develop new competences on voice and speech Technologies powering new market opportunities, through the extension of the lifecycle of the existing products and the emergence of new products and systems. These products and systems will supply efficiency and productivity gains on the Organizations, increasing the competitiveness on the short and medium period. To build these new products and systems it is important the cooperation between the research institutes and companies in order to have a technology transfer.

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