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L²F tools for a number of tasks are listed below. Grouping intends to reflect the level of processing for which a given tool is useful.


  • MARv - a morphossyntactic disambiguation tool;
  • monge - a word form generator;
  • PAsMo - a rule-based morphology processor, tag converter, and sentence splitter;
  • RuDriCo - a rule-based morphology processor;
  • SMorph - a morphological analyser;
  • XA - a morphological analyser similar to ispell and jspell;
  • YAH - yet another hyphenator.


Syntax/Semantics Interface

  • FUF Unification Engine -- a funcional unification formalism unification engine
  • AsDeCopas -- applies contextual rules (possibly hierarchically organized) to a graph
  • Ogre -- transforms a structure where both chunks and words are connected into a dependency structure


  • ATA - automatic term extraction (semantics-like processing)

Discourse Analysis

  • DID - a discourse indentifier.


  • Galinha - a portal for building and running applications.
  • LRDB - a language resources database and access framework.
  • FSTk - a finite-state transducer library.
  • ShReP - A Framework for constructing NLP systems.

Speech Annotation

  • L2F_PhoneAlign - A DTW-based phonetic aligner.
  • L2F_MuLA - A tool to synchronize annotation of speech at various levels of granularity.

Speech Recognition

  • AUDIMUS - Automatic Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition for the European Portuguese language

Other tools