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Alberto Abad

Alberto Abad obtained the Telecommunication Engineering degree on 2002 from Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Between 2002 and 2006 he was a PhD student at the TALP Research Centre of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the Technical University of Catalonia, where he was supported by a Catalan Government grant. His Thesis was related with multi-microphone approaches to speech processing in smart-room environments. At UPC he participated in several European and National Spanish projects. He was also lecturer in the Telecommunication Engineering School of Barcelona and collaborating lecturer in the doctorate program of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications.

In February 2007, Alberto Abad joined the Spoken Language Systems Lab (L2F) of INESC-ID and in July 2008 he obtained a Programa Ciência contract for 5 years. During that period at INESC-ID, Alberto Abad contributed to consolidate group's research lines and to open new strategic ones. He has been Principal Investigator of the FCT funded project VITHEA and INESC-ID representative in the DIRHA European project, besides team member in several national and international projects, and team leader in many international technological evaluation challenges achieving excellent results. He also collaborated in several courses of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the University of Lisbon. In August 2013, Alberto Abad was hired as an Invited Researcher and Professor at the IST, where was lecturer of the Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores (MEEC) during the academic years 2013- 2014 and 2014-2015. In February 2015, Alberto Abad won a position as Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) of the IST.

His current research interests include robust speech recognition, speaker and language identification, computational acoustic scene analysis, multimedia, and health-care applications.

INESC ID Information


Edited Books


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Book Chapters


  • Alberto Abad, Applications of Speech Technologies. Talks and contributions presented at the summer course: Applications of Speech Technologies (Eds.: Benitez-Ortúzar, M.C.; Perez-Cordoba, J.L.), chapter The L2F Broadcast News Transcription System, Ed. Universidad de Granada, January 2013

International Journals



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International Conferences


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Technical Reports


PhD theses


  • Contributions to speech processing for children with speech disorders, Thomas Rolland. (2018-). Alberto Abad, advisor.
  • Speech and language technologies applied to diagnostics and therapy of brain diseases, Annamaria Pompili . Instituto Superior Técnico (2014-). Alberto Abad, advisor. Isabel Pavão Martins, co-advisor.

MSc theses


  • Domain Adaptation in Low-Resource Automatic Speech Recognition, Pedro Fortunato Pereira da Fonseca Esteves. (2020-). Alberto Abad, advisor.
  • End-to-end automatic speech recognition in Portuguese, Carlos Manuel Ferreira Carvalho. (2019-). Alberto Abad, advisor.
  • Domain adaptation for neural network based dialogue systems, Rui Orlando Magalhães Ribeiro. Instituto Superior Técnico (2019-). Alberto Abad, advisor. José David Aguas Lopes, co-advisor.
  • Tecnologias da Fala Aplicadas à Terapia das Perturbações do Desenvolvimento da Linguagem, Matilde Huberty Nogueira Ramos. (2019-). Alberto Abad, advisor. Isabel Trancoso, co-advisor.
  • Automatic Nativeness Assessment, João Diogo Pereira da Silva Dionísio Botelheiro. (2019-). Alberto Abad, advisor. Rui Correia, co-advisor.
  • Using Natural Language Processing to Find Bugs in Source Code, Francisco Machado Duarte. (2019-). João F. Ferreira, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.
  • Development of Mobile Application For Speech Therapy, Guilherme Jorge de Lemos Marques. (2018-). Alberto Abad, advisor. Annamaria Pompili , co-advisor.
  • Deep Learning for Feature Extraction in Speech Pattern Recognition Tasks, Pedro Henrique da Silva Gonçalves. (2017-). Alberto Abad, advisor.
  • Jogo para terapia da fala, Hugo Daniel de Sousa Cardoso. (2016-). Rui Prada, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.
  • Automatic Sound Analysis to Improve Speech and Language Therapy, Pedro Rafael Tomé Ferreira. (2016-). Sofia Cavaco, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.


  • Surdez na Terceira Idade, Pedro Miguel Teiga Melo Teles. (2017-2019). Isabel Trancoso, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.
  • Discourse analysis for mental health monitoring, Pedro Rafael Barriga Negra Ascensão. (2017-2018). David Martins de Matos, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.
  • Audio-Visual Engagement Detection for Robots, Vera Korchevnyuk. Instituto Superior Técnico (2017-2018). Alberto Abad, advisor. Alexandre Bernardino, co-advisor.
  • Privacy enhanced speech recognition, Gonçalo Nuno de Costa Carito. Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa (2013-2015). Carlos Nuno da Cruz Ribeiro, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.
  • Android App for the Elderly, Geoffrey Manuel dos Santos Marcelino. (2013-2014). Joao P. Carvalho, advisor. Alberto Abad, co-advisor.

Graduation theses




  • Tratamento de Dados, Diogo Manuel Bragança Carrasco. (2018-). Alberto Abad, advisor.

Research Interests

  • Multi-microphone processing
  • Robust Speech Recognition
  • Speaker and language recognition
  • Speech and language technology for health-care applications


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