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  • June 21, 2002


Abstract A1

Using Morphological, Syntactical and Statistical Information for Automatic Term Acquisition

Terminologies are useful in all areas that use specialized languages. The development of terminologies is a hard work, when manually done. It can be assisted with tools to ease and improve the achievement of such a work. In this article, we present ATA, an automatic terms extractor using both linguistic and statistical information.

Abstract A2

Meteo: A telephone-based Portuguese Conversation System in Weather Domain

Dialog systems using speech technology are in expansion all over the world being used for different domains. The main reason for this growing, apart from the motivation on speech and human-machine interaction research, is the potential for mass access to information. In this paper we describe the work done for the development of a conversation system in a weather domain applied to the European Portuguese language.

Abstract A1

From syntax to semantics: taking advantage of 5P

This paper states how to profit from 5P's arrows formalism to go from a text with its surface structure to a chosen semantic representation. We emphasize on this formalism flexibility both to connect models and to define sets of conditions (over that connections) that will trigger semantic functions.