Research Topics


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The HLT lab is strongly interdisciplinary and is actively involved in many areas of language research and development, both spoken and written, including, without limitation, speech recognition, speech synthesis, speech coding, speech understanding, audio indexing and pre-processing, multimodal dialogue systems, language and dialect identification, speech-to-speech machine translation, automatic summarization, natural language database interfaces, natural language generation, text simplification, named entity recognition, and question answering, among others and in no particular order.

The expertise in these core technologies is integrated into 3 main research strands: semantic processing of multimedia contents, spoken/multimodal dialogue systems and speech-to-speech translation. The original focus on European Portuguese has now been broadened to encompass all varieties of Portuguese. Two application areas also deserve our special attention: e-learning and e-inclusion, namely in the development of alternative and augmentative communication tools for people with special needs.