Seminars 2001


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20011207 Fernando Batista Rule Consistency and Surface Analysis
20011130 Miguel Barreiros & José Martinez Dictation System for Radiology Reports Based on a Continuous Speech Recognizer
20011130 Luís Miguel Flores & Pedro Cardoso Dialog System with a Speech-Based Interface
20011130 Gustavo Novais & Nuno Jordão Control System for an HIFI using Speech Recognition
20011123 Paulo Araújo Poetry Support System
20011116 Hugo Meinedo Segmentation and Classification of Broadcast News
20011109 Sérgio Paulo Speech Synthesis using Variable-Length Units
20011026 Luísa Coheur The "unofficial" State-of-the-Art in Computational Semantics
20011019 António J. Serralheiro Spoken Books Alignment
20011012 Maria do Céu Viana Prosodic Phrasing: Evaluation Methods
20010713 Fernando Batista & Ricardo Daniel Ribeiro Apresentação dos trabalhos de mestrado
20010629 David Martins de Matos Text Generation
20010608 Isabel Trancoso & João Paulo Neto A Selection of Some ICASSP'2001 Papers
20010518 João Paulo Neto L²F Activities
20010511 Carlos Ribeiro VOIP
20010504 Luís Caldas de Oliveira Reading Machines: an Odissey form Text to Speech
20010427 David Martins de Matos Identification and classification of named entities (AT&T Labs. work)
20010420 Joana Paulo Master Thesis Work: Automatic Word Selection
20010406  ?? TFC de Alunos da LEIC: Web Clipping
20010330 Pablo Gamallo (UNL) Lexical Semantics
20010323 Rui Amaral Topic Detection
20010302 Hugo Meinedo Context Dependency based on Syllabic Unites
20010223 João Gama (FEP) Combining Classification Algorithms
20010216 Luísa Coheur Semantic in 5P
20010209 Carlos Teixeira Text-Independent and Nativeness of Language Students Prosodic Characteristics for Evaluation
20010202 Caroline Hagège Surface Syntactic Analysis
20010202 Paul Boersma Functional Phonology Course